k1Kinesiology is a complementary therapy that uses muscle-testing techniques to gain an insight into underlying imbalances in the body.

I use Kinesiology in most of my consultations.

What is muscle testing?

Muscle testing is a simple and painless technique. A client is usually lying on a therapy couch, though it is also possible to be standing or sitting. I test the strength of various muscles by applying gentle pressure – this allows me to assess possible underling health and energy imbalances.

Uses of muscle testing

Many different factors can contribute to underlying health and energy imbalances. Whilst Kinesiology cannot be used to diagnose any medical condition, muscle testing can be used to gain an insight into many common problems and their underlying causes, whether that be chemical (e.g. a food you are eating), structural, emotional or energetic.

In combination with Nutritional Therapy

Kinesiology is highly complementary to Nutritional Therapy. For example, food intolerances are implicated in a wide range of conditions – muscle testing can be used to investigate this further. Digestive issues can be related to the presence of pathogenic organisms in the gut and kinesiology can be used to understand how these might be cleared. I often recommend supplements in a consultation – but only after these have shown real benefit via muscle testing.

Preparation for your appointment

Whilst you do not have to undress for this therapy, wearing comfortable clothes may help you to relax. Please do not wear any strong perfume. I will ask you to take off any heavy jewellery or crystals during the consultation. Any electronic or mobile devices should be away from your body.

Find out more…

To find out more about Kinesiology go to There is a useful video clip on the home page of this site with a short demonstration of muscle testing.

Kinesiology can be a very relaxing and enjoyable therapy. I aim to look at and address underlying health issues and to start to balance your body and energy right from the first consultation.

Having said all this, if for any reason you prefer that Kinesiology should not be part of your consultation with me, then please just let me know – we can proceed on the basis of Nutritional Therapy alone.