Young woman holding her painful throat

The tonsils are an area of the body that I have had cause to focus on more closely in recent months.

I have undergone training with Dr Dietrich Klinghardt in his Autonomic Response (muscle) Testing technique (ART) to assess underlying issues in the body. I often use this technique in a consultation with a client to work out where to start focusing my attention. I am able to do a quick scan of the body to find where there are serious imbalances. Guess where I often find issues that need immediate resolution?…the tonsils!

The tonsils are two lymph nodes located on each side of the back of the throat. They are the body’s first line of defence against airborne bacteria, viruses and toxins. They can easily become overwhelmed and infected. Some common indicators of tonsil infection are a sore throat, tonsil stones, inflammation, bad breath and tonsillitis. However it is worth noting that I also encounter tonsil issues in clients who have no obvious signs of pain or discomfort

Chronic long term stress and infection in the tonsils can have a knock on effect to other parts of the body. Even for clients who have had their tonsils removed, this area of their body often needs support. Chronic underlying tonsil issues may underlie other issues such as digestive problems and fatigue, and these may not be fully resolved unless the tonsils are also addressed.

There are many things that can be done to support better tonsil health, and I often recommend these measures to my clients…

  • Daily massage of the tonsil area – use a “milking” type massage over the tonsils, drawing toxins down and out and stimulating lymphatic drainage of the area.
  • Even better would be to do this massage with some diluted essential oil. I use doTERRA’s On Guard blend which is amazing for anything immune related. The essential oil will be absorbed across the skin and will have a direct anti-microbial action. I talk about the topical use of essential oils at my monthly Classes
  • Gargling with salt water daily may help. Colloidal silver would be another option. Or once again, a couple of drops of an anti-microbial essential oil such as On Guard in a glass of water would be great to keep in the bathroom to gargle with every evening.
  • Boost the immune system with vitamin D – especially in the winter. Other nutrients such as vitamin C, zinc and vitamin A would also be useful to help the body fight any infection.
  • Probiotics may also be helpful as healthy gut bacteria are crucial in supporting immune function. Every so often, open a  probiotic capsule and gargle the contents with water around your mouth and throat.
  • And of course a good diet to support the body should be the foundation to all of the above – lots of greens, veggies, organic proteins and healthy fats. Fresh herbs are also great for immunity. Avoid sugar in particular as it will suppress the immune system and feed any microbial overgrowth.

Addressing the tonsils can often have surprisingly powerful effects for improving overall health, so it is definitely a course of action worth investigating.