I want to thank you for all the good that you did with the last treatment session. My breathing and stamina are much improved. The Reiki session, bioresanance and Far Infrared all seem to be having a positive very effect. Today my pulse is the most even it has ever been with oxygen SP02 at 99% and BP of 114/64 and no noticeable atrial fibrillation.


(Chest pain, atrial fibrillation post stroke)


My daughter has been so so so much better so your support and our homeopath’s has definitely helped, a lot. We have been doing strep and staph homeopathically as well as the elderberry plus. She’s been ‘poorly’ twice but hasn’t had a temperature since we saw you, so that’s a huge change because she’s always, historically, had really high temperatures.


(Daughter’s recurrent illness)


Vicki has been a great help, from feeling very lost and confused as to what I was intolerant to, to now knowing I have seen a great improvement. The supplements have also really helped me so thank you.


(Severe bloating, trapped wind, constipation, headaches)


I sought out holistic help from Vicki after almost 3 years of frustration with the NHS not finding the root cause of my health problems, primarily surrounding my thyroid and a decline in tolerance of medication, (well tolerated for the last 20 or so years) causing me to swing between hyper and hypo.

Firstly Vicki really listens.  Everything you say sinks in and is used to help you.

Secondly, the bioresonance is a good healing therapy.  The first time I felt I was fairly floating afterwards and a somewhat lightheaded.  I genuinely didn’t expect such a reaction.  Interestingly, many years ago a reiki master did some work on me and confessed to being unable to ground one of my chakras, this was the same chakra that Vicki found problems with, but it didn’t beat the bioresonance therapy.  The next day my body felt so much more balanced and I was able to face tasks that I’d normally put off and was productive for a couple of weeks afterwards.  The next session was much anticipated and again produced a good result.  The feedback mechanism within the bioresonance device also helps to track progress.  As was expected I’m trying to clear out toxins from my body and boost nutrition levels by supplementation as well as changing my diet, so it’s good to know how you’re doing.

The realisation that you stand a fighting chance of being back in control your health really gives you inner strength and fresh hope.

I’m very thankful to have found Vicki who is very knowledgeable and supporting me to achieve wellness through her therapies and dietary / lifestyle advice. Thank you, Vicki.

Mrs. LF



I have been dealing with a number of health issues including Idiopathic Urticaria for over 15 years to varying degrees of success, never really finding and treating the cause, only the symptoms. I have been a patient of Vicki’s for five months mostly drawing on her expertise in nutrition and Bioresonance Therapy.

Not only has Vicki been able to identify a number of complex root causes; she has begun to successfully treat them. I am enlightened by Vicki’s approach, wealth and breadth of knowledge and therapies and decided to take my mum to see Vicki as well. After a couple of weeks of having to shout to be heard by mum due to, we assumed, a blockage, a visit to a Hopi ear candle therapist and daily drops of olive oil, today after a visit to Vicki mum quietly stated on the car journey home that she could hear again. Vicki used the Bioresonance therapy to treat this issue and we were both delighted with immediate results. I had not heard of this form of therapy before I met Vicki and both mum and I are seeing real tangible results.

Vicki is an incredible person and an outstanding professional who I would highly recommend.

Helen & Helen’s Mum

(Urticaria) (Alzheimer’s and hearing issues)


Post menopause I felt my body needed a bit of extra help, I try to eat healthily and exercise but aching knees and a back problem were slowing me down.

I wanted to know what else I could do to keep myself in good shape and maintain healthy bones and skin as I got older.

There’s so much information on supplements out there but I didn’t know which ones I should be taking, or how many, or if I should be taking them at all!

A consultation with Vicki was really helpful and informative, and we were able to work out the best plan of action for me, personally, to take.

I must be doing something right because I was actually asked my age the other day whilst buying alcohol ( only one small bottle of beer!) in the supermarket, I told them very proudly that I was 52!

Jayne E, 52

(Post Menopause)


I have lost 4lbs since taking all your supplements, I feel quite different (for sure I have/had worms! fascinating).  Also, I have mainly been gluten free, the thing I noticed yesterday that instead of my legs burning and feeling like they can’t make it, I bounded up the subway steps without any discomfort – I was amazed!! It always confused me that I struggled with long staircase climbs, I am on my feet on building sites all day, and bike everywhere, it didn’t make sense.  This is all very exciting stuff.  Thank you so much. I will be in touch to bring my mum back and to check in on my own progress in the near future.


(General wellbeing)


I just wanted to send you a note to say that even only after 3 days of following your nutrition plan I am feeling infinitely better! I have not had a tight achy chest for almost four days now and it feels amazing. I honestly have not felt this good in months, I really did not expect to achieve such positive results in such a short space of time. I love this way of eating and the intermittent fasting is super – thank you!


(Chest pain, heartburn, bloating)

I cannot recommend Vicki highly enough …she has transformed my eating habits …I’ve lost weight and feel heaps better.
Vicki listens to what you say …explains things simply and takes away the mystique around weight loss and healthy lifestyle
Many many thanks !!


(Weight loss, cholesterol, general wellbeing)


I have suffered for so many years with bloating, constipation and stomach pains. It was really intrusive into my daily life and made me feel so uncomfortable. I had tried numerous paths to help my symptoms but things worked briefly then my problems would come back.

That was until I discovered Vicki.  I can honestly say this is the best I have felt for as long as I can remember!

Using her skills in nutritional therapy and kinesiology Vicki has taught me what foods I should avoid and she’s also introduced me to some wonderful supplements to help with my symptoms.

I am no longer constipated or bloated and I honestly feel like a new woman, I can’t recommend Vicki highly enough!

Mrs G, 41,

(Long standing digestive issues)


My wife has spent the last 6 years trying to find a way to achieve sustainable weight loss. She had always eaten a balanced diet but suddenly in her mid 30s started putting on weight inexplicably. She tried everything including many of the conventional well know weight loss plans and reducing her calorie intake whilst exercising avidly still to no avail. It was so hard to see her trying her best but still struggling. Also, having always had a ‘delicate’ tummy she saw an increase in symptoms of bloating and discomfort in addition to heightened PMT Symptoms.

Finally at her heaviest, she was desperate for an alternative that would work. By chance she found some information that she had previously dismissed about Metabolic Balance. She didn’t pursue the option at the time because the conventional diets had at one stage worked for her in the past, the initial outlay was expensive compared to the more generic diets out there and she had not heard of anyone doing this plan. What she wasn’t aware of is that as we age and life and any traumas therein come in to our lives, tried and tested methods that had worked previously may not always work again. So, this time she decided to look in to Metabolic Balance more and the more she read, the more she felt that this might work for her as not only was it all natural, it is tailored to the individual based on blood values, medical history and likes and dislikes. The fact that it also addressed health issues was a bonus and certainly something she was willing to try.

Anyway, Fast forward 4 months and not only have her weight issues been resolved but also, she has managed to eliminate her bloating and PMT symptoms have drastically improved. Apart from getting to grips with the programme and understanding the whys and wherefores, the process was pretty straightforward and I take my hat off to her for trusting and following in the process diligently. With the much needed and valuable regular consultations and advice and excellent knowledge imparted to by Vicki her Metabolic Balance Coach her she has a better understanding of her body, food and natural remedies and she has improved tenfold.

So the advice my wife would give to anyone thinking of doing Metabolic Balance is go for it. Be prepared to commit to and trust that the programme works and you will see improvements in your health, happiness and well being and thats priceless. And i’m just pleased to see my wife smiling again – Thanks to Vicki and the Metabolic Balance programme.

Mr C, 43

(Metabolic Balance Weight Management Programme)


Hi Vicki, Just to say a very big thank you for my amazing for weight loss on metabolic balance. What a journey ladies you’re never too old – l am 70 years old and yo yo dieted all my life. l thought I knew it all eating healthy foods but never really understood why I could never stick to diets because they are unrealistic to stick to. l have tried private doctors and every fad diet going always lost weight but put it all back and more within 8 weeks.

Meeting Vicki and after having my first consultation I decided to go for it. Vicki has a no panic calm approach. After the blood test Vicki devised a diet just for me. I followed every word of advice and within 2 weeks my knee which was very swollen had vanished and has never come back just couldn’t believe it was working for me.

My first consultation was 18th September 2015 – I have lost 2 stone very quickly and on phase 4 now. Vicki has advised supplements while I have been following my programme. All my family and friends say I just look amazing and its true I feel great happy healthy I can highly recommend metabolic balance with Vicki.

Mrs G, 70

Stafford, (Weight loss)


Vicki has immensely helped me improve my dietary and health issues by focusing on nutrition and on leading a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. She knows her stuff really well and is very encouraging and supportive. She takes sufficient time to discuss concerns and has a holistic approach to improving any health concern. I am now fully aware of my food intolerances and am happily surprised by how small changes in my diet can have a lasting impact. Her natural remedies beat any other mainstream approaches I have tried in the last few years! Thanks Vicki!

Mrs P

(Skin issues)


I believe Vicki has been the person who, more than anyone else, has changed my life in the last year… and for the better of course! She transformed the way I eat, made me realised the importance of choosing the right ingredient and nutrients, made me aware of toxins around me and introduced me to the fantastic world of doTerra essential oils which have been a life-changing game! My energy levels have improved tremendously and I feel so much better overall. I can’t recommend her enough❤


(Energy, PMDD, general health)


I’ve ordered and been taking all the supplements you suggested and feel so much better than I have in years!

My Far Infrared Cocoon feedback … After the cocoon I felt very relaxed and although I was quite tired immediately after I actually feel that sense of relaxation has continued and sustained me through the last week even with the extra stresses of my Mum being in hospital.

Mrs P, 53

(Pain, weight gain, energy)


I started feeling gradually worse just before getting married in 2009 (noticeably so after my honeymoon vaccinations – I received the combined Hep A and B vaccine on the advice of the nurse)– I began noticing muscle pains, chest pains, extreme fatigue, dizziness, excessive and constant sweating, and nausea. I also had frequent recurring ear pain and itching and fluid in my ear/between my throat and ear.

I then became very ill with what felt like a virus in October/November 2009, my whole body was in agony, even my fingers, my gums, my teeth? I had a temperature, felt nauseous and was very very tired. I dragged myself out of bed and to work, “survived” doing the bare minimum and then fell into bed and went to sleep as soon as I got home at 5pm. I also felt quite “removed” cognitively, kind of a “twilight zone”, my reaction time was quite slow or delayed, and I was forgetting what I was saying/writing or how to spell things in my notes.

I also felt very overwhelmed and had very little emotional tolerance. I had some time off work and had to go home early for a while but tried to minimise sickness absence.

In the beginning I was telling myself it was the job, that everyone was feeling like this, so just to have another cup of coffee. But the coffee didn’t even wake me up anymore, it just made me “crash” and more exhausted.

My GP did some blood tests, and sent me to a neurologist and a rheumatologist. The rheumatologist suggested I may be suffering with chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia or “pain amplification syndrome”. When I wanted further tests done, my GP advised me that I had chronic fatigue syndrome and that I needed to stop searching and come to terms with it (It turned out later that this “diagnosis” was actually not set and my GP refused to confirm it for my workplace occupational health department).

I read an article in a magazine about a lady who got help from a nutritional therapist when doctors couldn’t and so I looked at the BANT website and found Vicki, and I count my lucky stars every day that I did! Without her, I would be in a very different place today.

Vicki did several tests with me, including an adrenal, melatonin and sex hormone test and a metabolic profile and also looked at a copy of my blood results I had requested from my GP. She gave me no nonsense, targeted dietary advice and supplements and I started to feel better. It was by no means a straightforward, easy road, as Vicki also had to contend with my distrust and anxiety as a result of unhelpful medics, and my perfectionism and highly stressful job that continued to throw spanners in my recovery.

I continue to grapple with a little fatigue in the afternoon and post exercise (yes! I can exercise!) and trouble with regulating my body temperature when tired or stressed ( and I don’t think this will change as long as I stay in my job). But the good thing with Vicki is: She never gives up, she never tells you to “come to terms with it” and she is open to feedback when you feel something is not working for you, and open to suggestions to try something you think might help. She will talk you through options, give advice, but ultimately let you decide. She is incredibly patient and compassionate, and she understood my anxiety and did her best to reassure me.

It’s good to know that Vicki will continue to be there when I need her as she always is. My husband and I are trying for a baby at the moment and she’s given me heaps of advice already and I know I’ll be in touch along the way.

I cannot count how many people I have recommended Vicki to. And I agree with my husband who, after witnessing my recovery, said: ” I think everyone should have a Vicki.

Mrs R, 33, Birmingham

(Fatigue, Hormone Imbalances)


I had been struggling to lose weight for years, particularly after the Menopause, and only ever managed to lose a few pounds whatever diet I tried and found it all very disheartening until Vicki suggested I try a new weight loss programme called Metabolic Balance®.

When Vicki explained it to me it did make a lot of sense and I was also impressed that a detailed blood test was required to establish the most appropriate foods for your personal food plan. Whereas all the other diets were very much ‘a one size fits all’ and we are all so different.

Vicki was very supportive helping me to work out menus and recipes when I was initially starting off. After 1 month following the programme I lost an astonishing 1st 4lbs! I was over the moon. I am still continuing to follow the programme and am on plan to reach my goal.

Another benefit is that I feel so much better generally and have far more energy and much better general mobility. My arthritis has also improved tremendously in a short time. It is fantastic, I am delighted, Vicki thank you for all your help and support, I am so pleased that I discovered Metabolic Balance!

Ms S, 60, Leamington Spa

(Metabolic Balance® Weight Loss)


How do you go from being on the settee for months burnt out to being alive? See a nutritionist!!!

I was working 72 hours a week, running a home for 4 kids, seeing to my husband and then I got a virus that lasted 6 weeks, my marriage ended, I was officially homeless with 4 kids and no prospects, reliant on family and totally exhausted.

I thought that when I got to my new place I would pick up, what happened was that when I got my new place I just crashed and became almost like a cripple, I couldn’t work out what was happening to me, I really thought I was dying. I had a friend who had seen a nutritionist who had changed his life and he talked me into going, although leaving the building was the last thing I wanted to do.

I’m so glad I did, I truly believe if I hadn’t have gone I wouldn’t be here today writing this. All my life I’ve gone to the doctors and been pumped full of insane chemicals which just add to the problems in the long term. Vicki Gotham is a godsend for me. To find a profession and someone dedicated and so knowledgeable who saw what was happening to me and knew exactly what to do about it is like finding a needle in a haystack. My body had been depleted of all its resources via stress and poor diet etc.

Vicki recommended dietary changes and specific supplements, and I’m totally amazed at the difference these have made to my life. After even the first tablet my body changed, it was like being woken up from a long sleep, my energy levels increased and my depression left almost instantly. I’ve never in my life ever experienced such a positive outcome from any kind of medication. Having someone analyse your life and work out what you need specifically for you is the best money you’ll ever spend in your life!! Worth its weight in gold this service is, and I urge anyone who is having any issues similar to do this, you won’t be sorry I can promise you that!

Vanessa Harvey, Solihull

(Chronic Fatigue & Insomnia)


I am so delighted that I now feel so well, I did not realise how low I had been feeling. I had been having an uphill struggle to lose weight after the menopause and if did lose any weight it soon came back again. I felt I had tried every diet known to man without success and then with Vicki’s advice for a healthy and interesting eating plan and recommended supplements I easily lost weight and kept it off AND I felt full of energy and vitality – just like I used to. I enjoyed our consultations and it was a huge relief to find someone who listened and understood and could help. Thank you Vicki.

Ms S, 58, Warwick

(Weight Loss & Arthritis)


From feeling so tired and bloated and constant heaviness with digestive problems, a session with Vicki helped me realise the benefits to trying simple food planning and listening to your body, together with kind, non judgemental and honest advice, I cant recommend Vicki enough. 2 days later, I began to see results and don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner. I feel so much better, and now know what foods are right for me and how I can incorporate them in my hectic life. Thanks Vicki!

Miss S, 44, Warwick

(Bloating and Tiredness)


I attended one of Vicki’s workshops recently and I can genuinely say that it was absolutely fascinating and really informative. I never realised how beneficial the oils can be – Vicki provides fabulous and easy advice on how to use them and I’m already seeing the benefits in my daily life.

Sally, Solihull

(Essential Oils Workshop)


I’ve been on the MB diet for 8 weeks now and I’ve lost 2 stone 3lb, I have tried every diet going and had ended up eating a mixture of all of them (probably the best bits!).

I am thrilled with the results, the weight loss is steady and that keeps me motivated.

MB is not just a diet, without realising it I have changed the way I subconsciously relate to food, before this I would not have believed I could follow the simple rules and come up with all sorts of reasons why I couldn’t follow the diet, but I have and now I’m lighter for it, getting into all my old clothes, it’s like having a whole new wardrobe.

I can see how I am going to keep the weight off when I reach my goal too! Don’t waste any more time, do it, you won’t look back.

Mrs D, 49, Coventry

(Metabolic Balance® Weight Loss)


I developed ME eight years ago. After the first year at home I was pleased to be able to return to work. But it only lasted two terms and then I had to give up teaching. It took five years for the condition to finally wipe me out completely and I spent 6 months in bed in 2007. At this lowest energy point I contacted Vicki and over the ensuing 2.5 years I have slowly and consistantly recovered my energy and my life!

I only have telephone consultations – at first they had to be on speaker phone and in two parts – and I am always impressed by Vicki’s vast knowledge of human physiology and the great range of supplements that are available to support my needs. Vicki always takes time to explain actions fully and follows each consultation promptly with comprehensive and most helpful notes. Queries can be put to Vicki and answered very quickly.

Over the eight years of my “illness” I have sought support from a range of therapists, all of whom offer help for M.E. sufferers. Vicki has been by far the most helpful, practical and knowledgeable about the range of effects the condition has. I am happy to recommend Vicki to anyone seeking support and hope.

Mrs M, 63, Stoke on Trent

(Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E.)


I went to Vicki because I was low on energy and felt tired the majority of the time. I was overweight and lacking in education about a healthy approach to address the issues I was struggling with. I found Vicki to be very professional and helpful in providing her expert opinion on where I needed to make changes to what I was eating in order to improve my health.

After making the changes Vicki suggested I found a big increase in my energy levels and I lost a stone in weight within a short amount of time. With the increased energy I was able to exercise more frequently and I found my performance at work improved.

I would thoroughly recommend Vicki to anyone who wants to improve the their health and make lifestyle changes for the long term. Vicki provides sensible practical solutions that are easy to follow and understand. I am feeling the benefits of the changes I have made and thanks to Vicki I am a lot healthier than before I went to see her. Thank you Vicki.

Mr B, 29, Leamington Spa

(Weight Loss & Energy)


I approached Vicki for help following a diagnosis of multiple food intolerances and suspected candidiasis. Vicki provided the support that I had been lacking for 18 months following my test results. Not only did she provide comprehensive advice on foods to eat and avoid but she also gave me the biological reasons (understanding helped my motivation). Diagnostic tests and supplements recommended were also very helpful.

The symptoms I had been experiencing have improved significantly since I saw Vicki. I am really pleased with the outcome, not only due to the improved symptoms but because of all the new knowledge I have to carry on the good work on my own.

Mrs R, 31, Sutton Coldfield

(Food Intolerances & Candidiasis)


Amongst other things, I was suffering with digestive problems and hot flushes and decided to get my health sorted out. I consulted Vicki, who advised me on a healthy eating regime and recommended supplements. Vicki was always available for consultation either by telephone or e-mail and did not mind me contacting her when I had any questions or problems. My digestion has improved immensely and the hot flushes have decreased.

Mrs H, 56, Coventry

(Digestive Issues & Hot Flushes)


Thank you for making such a big difference to my life and to how I feel about food. I honestly never thought I’d get out of the anorexic trap. I still have a long way to go but for the first time in my life I actually feel as if I’m on the right path. And for the first time in 20 years I am beginning to feel healthy

Miss O, 32, Leamington Spa



My Daughter introduced me to Vicki for 2 reasons. One to get me off my blood pressure tablets and two to loose weight. Guess what? ……… it has worked!

I completed the form, sent it off to Vicki and then had a telephone consultation, going through everything from what I ate to my lifestyle. Vicki gave me such good sensible advice there and then and followed it up with my Personal Health Report, recommendations in changing the foods I eat and even some sample meal plans. The support offered by Vicki is second to none. Vicki also recommended supplements for me to take.

I don’t look upon this as a diet, it is a lifestyle change and it is really working. I have lost one and a half stone in weight and loads of inches from the right places. But most of all I now don’t take my blood pressure tablets, my GP is pleased too. I would therefore highly recommend that you have a consultation with Vicki because as her Company name states it is certainly a ‘Healthy Approach’ to life. A big thank you Vicki.

Mrs L, 59, Burnham on Crouch, Essex

(Weight Loss & Blood Pressure)


I visited Vicki as I had been suffering from M.E./chronic fatigue syndrome on and off for a long time, and like most people with this condition had gone through exhaustive tests and was told by the doctor there was nothing more to do but rest. I was off work long-term and struggled to get out of bed. My concentration was poor, and amongst other symptoms I had aches and pains and unusual twitching of my muscles. A family member who had suffered from similar problems recommended I see a nutritional therapist, and I chose Vicki as I saw she had taken further training in the complex area of M.E.

When I first saw Vicki she asked me to complete a questionnaire regarding my typical diet, and was very thorough in finding out about my symptoms in great detail – much more so than my previous experience with doctors. She suggested that many of my symptoms could be due to food intolerances and/or allergies, and recommended a trial period where I cut out common allergens such as dairy and gluten. I also eliminated processed sugar and caffeine. Vicki also advised some nutritional supplements, and arranged for me to test the levels of the hormone cortisol in my saliva throughout the day to make sure my adrenal glands were functioning correctly (as a disorder could account for many of my symptoms.) She was extremely helpful and provided lots of handouts for reference (including ideas for meals) and was happy to answer any queries by e-mail.

As soon as I visited Vicki and made the changes she recommended, I began feeling better! Much more energy and no more strange muscle twitches or ringing in my ears! If I slipped up on the diet I definitely felt worse again. Then I received the results of my test, which confirmed what we suspected – I had a condition called adrenal fatigue (low adrenal gland function). Although there is no instant cure, I finally had a name to the condition and knew how to manage it. I am now taking further supplements for this and am sure these are helping.

I am now about to start back in full-time work as a vet; without my visit to Vicki I know I would be nowhere close to capable of this. I am really grateful to her and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone, but particularly people with M.E./CFS – you may well find much of it is down to diet!

Helen Swift, 27, Birmingham

(Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)


In 2008 I experienced a bad car accident, which affected me physically and psychologically. I suffered with Anxiety, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), mild depression and was diagnosed with an Adjustment Disorder – it was quite an impact on my previous healthy, independent, go-getting life and impacted on my cognitive ability for some 9 months.

I was issued with very strong sleeping tablets and anti-depressants. I sought Vicki’s advice due to initially being worried about the strength of the medication I was taking on my mind and body. Vicki was warm and clearly knowledgeable – I felt safe with her and took her advice after an indepth discussion. Amongst other things, Vicki recommended a course of nutritional supplements.

I cannot emphasise enough the very quick change that I saw in my cognitive ability, which impacted positively on not only my thinking but my depression. My energy levels increased noticeably and this helped get the spring back in to my step and it was shortly after seeing Vicki that I finally managed to get control back into my life and move myself forward.

Vicki was a positive contribution towards my renewed happiness following my accident. I still take the nutritional supplements today, which remain a positive influence on my busy lifestyle, and would highly recommend Vicki to others.


Ms F, 36, London

(Anxiety, PTSD & Depression)