which diet

There is so much conflicting advice out there on approaches to healthy eating and weight loss….

High carb low fat, low carb high fat, high protein, vegan, keto, paleo….endless things to try! It is difficult to know where to start and which diet plan is right for you.

The truth is that all these diets are quite black and white. Life and our bodies however are not black and white. One person may thrive on a particular set of foods, whilst for another those foods may cause bloating or lethargy or weight gain.

Gain an insight into your personal needs with the Metabolic Balance Weight Management Programme.

This is an individually tailored healthy eating plan for weight loss and hormone balance. It is not a fad diet, no shakes, counting calories or low fat nutrient deficient foods!

This is a very simple healthy eating plan – 3 meals per day packed with real food designed to encourage your body to burn stored reserves of fat and achieve balance.

This 3-4 month all inclusive plan includes a blood test, a personal food list and meal plan, 8 appointments with me, unlimited support in between appointments and Kinesiology muscle testing for food intolerances if you have digestive issues.

The price is due to rise in March 2020 so enquire now to obtain the lower 2019 price.

Get started in January or February and you will also receive a free 15ml bottle of therapeutic grade Lemon Essential Oil, which can be added to water between meals for a delicious flavouring which also serves to boost detoxification and liver health and support the burning of body fat.

Please get in touch to book your free initial consultation to discuss if Metabolic Balance is right for you.


Mr C, 43, (re his wife – Metabolic Balance Weight Management Programme)

My wife has spent the last 6 years trying to find a way to achieve sustainable weight loss. She had always eaten a balanced diet but suddenly in her mid 30s started putting on weight inexplicably. She tried everything including many of the conventional well know weight loss plans and reducing her calorie intake whilst exercising avidly still to no avail. It was so hard to see her trying her best but still struggling. Also, having always had a ‘delicate’ tummy she saw an increase in symptoms of bloating and discomfort in addition to heightened PMT Symptoms.

Finally at her heaviest, she was desperate for an alternative that would work. By chance she found some information that she had previously dismissed about Metabolic Balance. She didn’t pursue the option at the time because the conventional diets had at one stage worked for her in the past, the initial outlay was expensive compared to the more generic diets out there and she had not heard of anyone doing this plan. What she wasn’t aware of is that as we age and life and any traumas therein come in to our lives, tried and tested methods that had worked previously may not always work again. So, this time she decided to look in to Metabolic Balance more and the more she read, the more she felt that this might work for her as not only was it all natural, it is tailored to the individual based on blood values, medical history and likes and dislikes. The fact that it also addressed health issues was a bonus and certainly something she was willing to try.

Anyway, Fast forward 4 months and not only have her weight issues been resolved but also, she has managed to eliminate her bloating and PMT symptoms have drastically improved. Apart from getting to grips with the programme and understanding the whys and wherefores, the process was pretty straightforward and I take my hat off to her for trusting and following in the process diligently. With the much needed and valuable regular consultations and advice and excellent knowledge imparted to by Vicki her Metabolic Balance Coach her she has a better understanding of her body, food and natural remedies and she has improved tenfold.

So the advice my wife would give to anyone thinking of doing Metabolic Balance is go for it. Be prepared to commit to and trust that the programme works and you will see improvements in your health, happiness and well being and thats priceless. And i’m just pleased to see my wife smiling again – Thanks to Vicki and the Metabolic Balance programme

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