Low Tox Living Course

I have spent many years educating clients during their consultation process about how to reduce exposure to chemical toxins in everyday life. Reducing exposure to these toxins is such an important part of recovery from any chronic health complaint.

Crucially, it is vital that the TERRAIN of the body is good. If it is not, then weeds will grow, we will not heal and thrive. The chemicals we ingest, breath in and absorb through the skin on a daily basis are slowly but surely destroying this inner terrain.

Toxicity is the primary driver of disease
– Joseph Pizzorno
(ND & leading authority on science based natural medicine)

Types of Toxins

You may be shocked to learn that many chemicals now fall into some rather scary sounding categories, whilst still being legally used in all sorts of everyday products….
  • Obesogens – cause weight gain and inability to lose it
  • Endocrine disruptors – mess with hormones
  • Carcinogens – cancer causing
  • Microbiota Disrupting Chemicals – destroy gut health
  • Reproductive Toxins – cause infertility
  • Developmental Toxins – bad news for babies and children
  • Neurotoxins – damage the brain and nervous system

Take for example digestion… the pesticides and herbicides which are so liberally sprayed on crops directly and indiscriminately destroy out gut flora. So IBS develops.

Or hormones… the endocrine disrupting chemicals added to our skin creams to make them smell nice are very similar in chemical structure to the hormone oestrogen. So oestrogen excess becomes an issue, contributing to all the symptoms of PMS or endometriosis or an array of other named conditions that are actually rooted in toxicity in the body.

Or the fluoride in drinking water can interfere with thyroid function. So many chemicals in cleaning products, sun cream, nail varnish… all linked to cancers. The list goes on…

My Mission

To take back some control over all this I have created my Low Tox Living Course. The culmination of years of my own personal and professional research.

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for anyone interested to learn more about living a life with less chemicals. I will put the topic into context and give you motivating and practical information about how to take your low tox life to the next level.

In this course my aim is to give an overview of the main actionable sources of exposure from toxins in our daily lives. To alert you to key areas of your life that you can quite easily change for the better.

Course Modules

  1. In the Kitchen
    Drinking water
  2. Personal Care
    Face and body care products
    Sun cream
  3. Green Cleaning
    Home cleaning
  4. The Home Environment
    Mattresses & Bedding
  5. Extra Bonus Module
    Wi-Fi & Electromagnetic Pollution – how to mitigate

There will be comprehensive information on what chemicals and ingredients and practices to avoid and why, how to avoid, better options, brand names, where to buy… everything you need to know.

Here is what previous participants have to say…

I was impressed by the amount of research and work you put into the workshop and the leaflet that you produced. I will find it very helpful to have this to refer to. I enjoyed the workshop and got a lot from it to carry into my life. I found the changes aspect particularly helpful.” – CH, Stratford

I really enjoyed the workshop and the morning flew by for me, I really couldn’t believe it that we have run over the time. I found all the information really useful and the workbook is perfect to have on hand to refer back to and/or concentrate on one area at a time.

There were things I was already aware of / knew a bit about or was already doing so not everything was brand new for me but there was still more than enough new and revealing information.” – AH, Leamington Spa


I find it difficult (and confusing) to remember all the different chemical names/ingredients that should be avoided and it can be a faff or frustrating trying to look it up/google it every time – the work book really helps as an easy reference point.

The above is especially true for me for the Skincare/Bodycare/Cosmetics section – an area I always find really confusing.  It’s a mine field but I feel more confident about it now after going through it at the workshop and with the resources you gave us.

Finally, the make and take sessions were a great idea too – I do make cleaning products still but only two recipes so will be trying a few more things now. It was also a good way to break up the morning.

The morning was well worth the money! Thank you for all the time you have invested in to researching and putting all the information together so we can have the information at our fingertips. I will definitely mention about your workshops to friends who may have an interest in learning more in this area.” – MJ, Leamington Spa



I am soon to release an online version of my Low Tox Living workshop. You will be able to download all modules and listen in your own time. I will offer an initial discovery call to find out if this is a good fit for your needs and interests.

Please keep an eye on this page for the launch date. Or send me an email to be added to the notification list.