A Deep Dive into Environmental Toxins

Low Tox Living UK is a deep dive into the world of everyday environmental toxins. Perfect for anyone interested to learn more about living a life with less chemicals.

We are exposed to an ever-increasing number of man-made chemicals daily in food, drinking water, personal care and cleaning products, cookware, and even in the air in our homes. Electromagnetic radiation from tech devices is another new source of stress and toxicity for our bodies. Chronic ill health is increasing, and I know from my years in clinical practice that these phenomena are closely linked. A toxic body cannot heal and be well.

In this course my aim is to give an overview of those sources of exposure to toxins in daily life over which we have the most control. For each source of exposure, I will give you practical advice and easy steps to take to make changes for the better.

The course has a UK focus – my recommendations for lifestyle tweaks, better products and where to source them from is all based around what is available in the UK.

Why I Created this Course

I have spent many years educating clients during their consultation process about how to reduce exposure to chemical toxins in everyday life. Reducing exposure to these toxins is such an important part of recovery from any chronic health complaint.

Crucially, it is vital that the inner TERRAIN of the body is good. If it is not, then we will not heal and thrive. The chemicals we ingest, breath in and absorb through the skin daily are slowly but surely destroying this inner terrain. We need to take action.

Listen at your own pace

When you purchase this course, you will receive access to all modules. You can listen in your own time and choose the order in which you listen. Each module comes with downloadable information to enable you to take actions steps more easily.

Here is what previous participants have to say

Course Modules


    Low Tox Living UK – Introduction

  • MODULE ONE – In the Kitchen

    Video 1 – Introduction
    Video 2 – Food & Farming
    Video 3 – Safer Seafood
    Video 4 – Cookware
    Video 5 – Plastics & Packaging

  • MODULE TWO - Personal Care

    Video 1 – Introduction
    Video 2 – Skincare & Cosmetics
    Video 3 – Deodorant & Antiperspirant
    Video 4 – Haircare
    Video 5 – Nail Varnish
    Video 6 – Toothpaste
    Video 7 – Suncream
    Video 8 – Perfume
    Video 9 – Period Products
    Video 10 – Reading Labels

  • MODULE THREE – Home Cleaning & Laundry

    Video 1 – Introduction
    Video 2 – Home Cleaning – Ingredients to Avoid
    Video 3 – Home Cleaning – Better Brands & DIY Recipes
    Video 4 – Laundry – Ingredients to Avoid
    Video 5 – Laundry – Better Brands & DIY Recipes

  • MODULE FOUR – Water Filtration

    Video 1 – Introduction
    Video 2 – Contaminants in Tap Water
    Video 3 – What is in your water
    Video 4 – Methods of Filtration
    Video 5 – Choosing Your Water Filter
    Video 5a – Point of Use Filters
    Video 5b – Point of Entry Filters
    Video 6 – Other Considerations

  • MODULE FIVE – The Home Environment

    Video 1– Introduction
    Video 2 – Chemicals in the Home
    Video 3 – Home Fragrance
    Video 4 – Cleansing the Air
    Video 5 – DIY, Flooring & Furniture
    Video 6 – Low Tox Sleeping

  • MODULE SIX – Electromagnetic Frequencies

    Video 1 – Introduction
    Video 2 – Types of EMF
    Video 3 – Health Effects of EMFs
    Video 4 – Reduce Your Exposure
    Video 4a – Prioritise Your Bedroom/Sleep
    Video 4b – Mobile Phone, Earphones, Smartwatch
    Video 4c – Wi-Fi Router
    Video 4d – Laptop/iPad
    Video 4e – Smart meter
    Video 4f – Lighting
    Video 4g – Kitchen/Home
    Video 4h – Dirty Electricity
    Video 4i – Pregnancy/Babies
    Video 4j – Final Thoughts
    Video 5 – Extra Protection