Essential Oils Classes

I offer regular informal Classes on Essential Oils – the aim being to empower others to be able to use oils safely and confidently in their own lives. Due to the current lockdown I am holding exclusively online classes for the foreseeable future. These are still very interactive though as I advance of the Class I post out to all participants a Mini Class Kit with 7 essential oils samples. I will give you directions on how to use and enjoy these through the class. To ensure the samples reach you in time you need to book and pay 4 days in advance of the Class date.

Introduction to Essential Oils Class – Online

Cost: £10 (payable by BACS or PayPal)

What you will learn:

  • What are Essential Oils
  • How to use Essential Oils safely and effectively
  • Importance of Essential Oil quality
  • Learn to use oils to address various health issues – insomnia, skin, respiratory health, allergies, pain, inflammation, boosting immunity, balancing mood, reducing anxiety, improving digestion, hormonal health, dental health, and much more…
  • Receive a Mini Class Kit of samples and experience and learn in more depth the versatility of a handful of “must have” oils
  • At the end of the Class if you wish to purchase any oils I will tell you how to do this

Next Class Dates: 

  • Tuesday 7th April 8pm-9pm
  • Tuesday 14th April 8pm-9pm
  • Saturday 18th April 10am-11am

Contact me if you wish to book

Special Interest Classes

In addition to my Introduction Classes I also run Classes on topics of interest. These are perfect if you have attended an Intro Class and wish to delve a little deeper into how Essential Oils can help specific health issues. If however you have not attended a previous Class and still wish to listen in then you are more than welcome!

Thursday 2nd April 8pm-9pm – Chakra Balancing with Essential Oils – free

The 7 Chakras of the body run from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. They are like invisible wheels of energy, helping to keep us healthy and vibrant.

Blockages in any of the Chakras can cause symptoms of ill health, so it is important to keep the energy flowing.

Essential oils are one way of supporting chakra health and clearing blockages – symptoms of which can be anything from anxiety and low self esteem to headaches and fatigue, and anything in between!

Learn more about how to use essential oils to support your Chakras and therefore more vibrant health.

If you want to take part in the practical element of the class then you will need some sort of pendulum with which to dowse. If you have a pendant on a chain, or necklace with a charm then this would work. Or you can purchase a dowsing crystal online.

Contact me for a link to listen in