doTERRA Oils

I use doTERRA Essential Oils at home. Having compared with other brands, I know that these oils are amazing quality.

doTERRA’s vision when they founded in 2008 was to supply the purest, most potent essential oils in the world. They now have a customer base of over 5 million in 148 countries worldwide.

Not all oils are created equal

There is no overall regulation in the world of essential oils. A bottle of essential oil can be labelled as “100% pure” but still contain fillers and impurities. Many oils available to purchase today are of low quality.

In contrast, doTERRA oils are rigorously tested. Their oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG). This means that they are pure and natural, free from artificial ingredients and fillers, with no dilution of active qualities, free of  contaminants, pesticides and chemical residues.

Worldwide sourcing and support

They source over 130 essential oils from 45 countries worldwide. Sourcing of oils is important as ideally the plant should grow in it’s natural habitat in order to produce the most beneficial oil.

More than half the countries that doTERRA work with are considered developing countries. An initiative called Co-Impact Sourcing seeks to develop long term, mutually beneficial partnerships, creating sustainable jobs and providing reliable income in underdeveloped areas.

Healing Hands Foundation

doTERRA’s Healing Hands Foundation is a registered non profit organisation. It is involved in initiatives around the world to bring healing and hope to impoverished communities by providing the tools needed to become self-reliant.

Past projects have included building new or sponsoring existing medical clinics, installing drinking water and irrigation systems, and building local schools.

Live, Share & Build with the Oils

I love offering my Essential Oils Classes! I pass around my collection of doTERRA oils and everyone has a wonderful, uplifting and enlightening experience!

Many of my Class attendees may wish to go on to purchase oils – as a Wellness Advocate I can help people to enrol with a Wholesale account with doTERRA which means they receive a 25% discount off the price of all products.

Most of the people I enrol are keen simply to use the oils to support the health of themselves and their families. I offer lots of follow up support, including regular Make & Take Classes, to all my doTERRA customers. I want this to be the start of a lifelong love of essential oils and all that they offer!

A few of those who purchase the oils feel so passionately about them that they wish to take it further by sharing the oils with others. This is how I myself began offering my Intro to Essential Oils Classes. There are opportunities for anyone to do this and to embark on a journey building a natural health business with doTERRA – a wealth of support and encouragement are just a step away!

Please email me for more information.