Consultation & Costs

At a glance…

Appointment times: I practice most days of the week from the locations below…
Traditional Acupuncture Centre,  19 Binswood St, Leamington Spa, CV32 5RW
Odyssey Clinic, 63 Kelvin Rd, Leamington Spa, CV32 7TG (Fridays and Saturdays)
My home clinic, Leamington Spa
I will confirm location of your appointment when you book
Initial consultation: 1hr 30mins, £80
Follow up consultations: 1hr, £60
Metabolic Balance Weight Management Programme: 8 consultations over 3-4 months, £825

consultation-1Appointments Times

10am to 3pm most weekdays. Later afternoon/evening appoitments available on Wednesdays and Fridays. Saturday appointments also available.

Your Initial Consultation: Cost £80

In advance of your first consultation I will ask you to complete a detailed nutritional questionnaire which includes a  4 day food diary. I ask you to send this to me in advance of your appt so that I can review it before we meet. Your initial consultation will last 1 hour 30 mins. I tend to divide this time into 3 chunks. During the initial 20-30 mins we go through your questionnaire discussing current health issues, health history and diet. The middle 30-40 mins is for muscle testing and/or Bioresonance. This will give me an indication of food intolerances (if any), digestive function, microbial issues, nutrient deficiencies and toxicity. These are fundamental factors to determine early on in your programme. For the last 30mins I will outline a strategy plan and recommend an individual dietary, lifestyle and supplement programme. I provide supporting handouts, recipe ideas and sample meal plans to support my recommendations.

If you have results of any previous tests, including blood tests via GP, then it is very useful for me to have a look at results, so you can bring to your appointment or send to me in advance,

If you are unable to attend your appointment in person then I can still offer an online appointment, though I would not be able to do the muscle testing online. Bioresonance may still be possible though. Please contact me for more details.

I may also recommend further private biochemical tests if I feel that is would be useful to assess specific issues such as digestive function, hormone balance or nutrient levels in more depth.

Follow Up Consultations: Cost £60

A follow up consultation is advised 3-5 weeks after your first appointment. After that, follow up consultations can be booked as needed. Duration is 1 hour. Your progress will be discussed and tested and your dietary, lifestyle and supplement plan will be reviewed and modified accordingly. If Bioresonance is being used as part of treatment protocol then it is advisable to come for follow up appointments every 1-2 weeks.

Biochemical Tests

A number of private laboratories in the UK offer innovative functional tests to help to identify underlying biochemical imbalances that may be contributing to health issues. These may be discussed and recommended if appropriate. To read more about biochemical tests please click here.

Nutritional Supplements

In addition to dietary advice, certain key nutritional supplements may be recommended. You will be given full details of trusted suppliers if you wish to purchase these.

Metabolic Balance®

The consultation structure for the Metabolic Balance® programme differs from the above. Full details can be found here.