What is Bioresonance?

Bioresonance is based on modern biophysics, which teaches us that all matter has a resonant frequency. Similarly, every cell in our body also resonates at a particular frequency, which takes the form of a subtle electromagnetic field. Groups of cells in an organ or system have unique multiple frequency patterns which form a complex frequency make-up for the whole body.

The oldest form of bioresonance is the light of our sun. If sunlight reaches our skin, regulations are initiated. This is not caused by the heat of the sun, but by the ultraviolet portion of the light spectrum. Thus, ultraviolet light is able to stimulate the formation of pigments.

Our skin has an integrated regulating system which pigments it, i.e. makes it look brown, in direct response to the specific ultraviolet frequencies. The pigmentation of the skin is only one of many regulations that are initiated by sunlight, another one is the stimulation of the production of Vitamin D.

Apart from the narrow frequency band of the sunlight, there are also other frequencies which initiate their own regulations in the organism.

Bioresonance According to Paul Schmidt

There are various systems of Bioresonance therapy. If you search for information on Bioresonance online you will find confusing and conflicting information. Even in the alternative therapy world, Bioresonance is not well known. I am qualified in Bioresonance According to Paul Schmidt. Schmidt was a visionary German engineer who started experimenting with frequencies in 1976. A few years later he went on to establish Rayonex Biomedical GmbH, located in the Sauerlands in Germany. Based on Schmidt’s finding that all organisms are influenced by frequencies or oscillations, Rayonex developed Bioresonance devices that are classified as Type IIa Medical Devices under EU regulations. Their philosophy (and mine too!) is that we must treat the root cause rather than the symptoms of ill health.

The safety and effectiveness of Bioresonance According to Paul Scmidt has been shown in a 2019 double-blind randomised controlled study on Cervical Spine Syndrome patients, who overwhelmingly reported improvements in their conditions. Today, Rayonex products are sold in more than 43 countries, with over 5,500 naturopaths, therapists and doctors applying bioresonance treatments in Germany alone.


My journey with Bioresonance

I discovered Bioresonance first as a patient, rather than a therapist. 2 years ago, I went to see a Practitioner of Bioresonance According to Paul Schmidt to address lingering health issues I was having. I had suspected Lyme disease as part of my potted health history. Through Bioresonance I was able to confirm and address this, alongside a handful of other burdens in my body that I was now able to identify and work on. So Bioresonance has been integral in my own health journey. I would say it was the most powerful piece of the puzzle for me.

I subsequently trained as a Practitioner in Bioresonance According to Paul Scmidt and I now use my Bioresonance equipment with most of my clients right from the first appointment to guide me on the best course of action to start balancing their body.

How you can benefit from Bioresonance?

Almost any condition can benefit from Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt.

It addresses the underlying causes of chronic and degenerative diseases.

When our body is ill or diseased the body’s frequency patterns are disturbed or distorted. With Bioresonance According to Paul Schmidt, I can test for the accumulated toxins, allergens and intolerances, harmful micro-organisms and other stresses impacting the organism.

By measuring the resonant frequencies in the organism of a person, I can determine if the body is exposed to these stresses.

The Power of Bioresonance

I use Bioresonance as a tool to investigate and to rebalance the body and create an environment in which healing can take place. Bioresonance treatment enhances the body’s own natural regulation and detoxification. It is a very powerful and natural way for the body to recover its optimum state of health by improving the environment of the organism, allowing the harmless integration of pathogens into a state of symbiosis or to stimulate the immune system to remove toxins and harmful micro-organisms from the body and restore health.

Since I have been using Bioresonance with my clients, I have had great success in identifying and addressing parasites, chronic viral infections, moulds, yeasts and bacterial imbalances. Toxic load can be assessed, as can micronutrient deficiencies. My machine very quickly assesses whether there is any stress response to individual foods. Removing any problem foods is such a quick and effective way of removing a huge inflammatory load for the body.

Our bodies should be able to heal and maintain a healthy homeostasis as long as internal conditions are right. Bioresonance is a powerful method of bringing the body into balance so that our own healing mechanisms can work more effectively.