Bioresonance therapy is not new, even though few people have heard of it. It has been practiced for many decades. It is a system of support for the body based upon frequency. Every cell of our body resonates at a particular frequency. Foreign bodies within our body (parasites, bacteria, viruses, toxins…) also resonate at a particular frequency. Using a Bioresonance machine it is possible to assess these frequencies and obtain an overview of where there is disharmony within the body.

This is a powerful tool to investigate deep underlying disturbances in the body instead of simply cherry-picking symptoms and trying to suppress them alone. As a practitioner of Bioresonance I can support a rebalancing of underlying issues by using the Bioresonance technology itself as a treatment tool as well as recommending diet and lifestyle changes and advising on useful supplements. If Bioresonance is used as part of a protocol to address underlying imbalances then it is useful if you come for follow up appointments on a regular basis – every 1-2 weeks.

Bioresonance is a difficult therapy to describe in a few sentences. I personally have found it to be incredibly effective at assessing issues in the body which otherwise would be hard to detect. I had strongly suspected Lyme disease as part of my own health history. Lyme is notoriously hard to test for, however Bioresonance very quickly confirmed for me that it was in fact an issue for me that needed addressing.

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