Biochemical Tests

Biochemical tests can be a useful tool for assessing the underlying causes of health problems. Tests may involve either stool, saliva, urine or blood samples and are carried out by independent testing laboratories in the UK and US. Test kits are provided by post, full instructions for sample collection are provided and completed tests are returned via post for analysis.

During your consultation I may highlight any tests which may be useful. You then decide if you wish to proceed. Commonly recommended tests are outlined below.

Digestive Tests

Yeast overgrowth, bacterial imbalance, parasitic infection, insufficient digestive enzymes, intestinal inflammation, low levels of intestinal immunity, food intolerances and leaky gut are all common underlying causes of digestive discomfort. These underlying digestive imbalances may also contribute to seemingly unrelated health concerns such as fatigue and skin conditions. Comprehensive digestive tests can help to determine the cause of digestive problems. These test cost approx £350.


Food Intolerance & Gluten Testing

I use in clinic Bioresonance testing to assess food intolerances. In the past I have used blood tests. I have since found Bioresonance testing as accurate if not more so, for no extra money than your consultation cost and instant results.

Hormone Tests

Hormones are the body’s chemical messengers, carrying information from one organ to another. They are the reason we feel how we feel. An imbalance in hormones can lead to a variety of symptoms, from the more obvious such as PMS and menopausal symptoms, to the less obvious such as depression and insomnia. I use the excellent DUTCH tests to assess hormone levels. These not look at levels of hormones in the body, but also how efficiently those hormones are being detoxified. This is so useful in then being able to target nutritional and supplemental support. The DUTCH Complete Test is £286.


Adrenal & Thyroid Testing

The adrenal glands and the thyroid gland release hormones that help us to sustain energy levels, cope with stress and maintain body temperature and metabolic rate. Prolonged emotional, dietary or environmental stress can lead to fatigued adrenals, which may result in a drop in energy levels. Poor adrenal function is then just one reason why the thyroid gland may under-function, resulting in weight gain, difficulty losing weight, cold hands and feet, hair loss and dry skin. Low adrenal and thyroid hormone levels can help explain a myriad of symptoms and subsequent targeted nutritional and supplement strategies may bring considerable relief. I use the DUTCH tests again to assess adrenal function. Cost is £205, or adrenal assessment is included in the DUTCH Complete for £286. Thyroid hormones, antibodies and key nutrients required by the thyroid can be assessed via a simple finger prick blood test. The cost of this is £99.

Functional Blood Analysis

A comprehensive blood test is an excellent way to assess many aspects of health in one hit. When analysed in a functional way (i.e. not just looking for out of range markers, but looking at the general trends in blood markers), a simple blood draw can shed light on issues such as microbial overgrowth, toxicity, nutrient status,  hormones and inflammation. This is a great test to start with if symptoms are multiple and it is difficult to see what the obvious underlying issues are. Prices range from £395 upwards.


Organic Acids Test

The OAT test is a profile of 73 organic acids found in the urine. It is another broad and very useful test for getting an overview of what is going on in the body. By analysing the organic acids it is possible to evaluate intestinal yeast and bacteria, neurotransmitter levels, detoxification markers and status of certain vitamins and minerals. Cost £256.

Tests for Toxicity

Tests for mould exposure, heavy metals and environmental toxins, including pesticides, plastics and flame retardants, can be useful if exposure is suspected. There are various tests available depending on your health history and most likely exposures. I also use Bioresonance testing in clinic to assess these issues.


Kinesiology Muscle Testing & Bioresonance Testing

I use Bioresonance and Kinesiology testing in clinic to assess possible underlying health issues. All clients who come for a face to face appointment will receive a Kinesiology assessment. Read more about Bioresonance here and Kinesiology here

When I recommend Biochemical tests

I will only recommend additional biochemical tests such as those mentioned above if the results will definitely influence nutritional and supplemental strategy. If I feel that a test would be useful than I will discuss this in detail with you at a consultation and will only order if you are in agreement.

Biochemical Tests