Dig deeper into the root causes of your health issues

With my unique approach of Nutritional Therapy, Bioresonance and Kinesiology.

I specialise in gut health, food intolerance, fatigue and weight management.
My in-clinic testing protocols allow me to determine where to begin, even in complex cases.


Welcome to my website!

My name is Vicki Gotham. I am an experienced Nutritional TherapistBioresonance and Kinesiology Practitioner and Weight Management Coach.

I use a combination of all the above tools in my practice to investigate the bigger picture behind symptoms and to give my clients individually tailored diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations. The Bioresonance part of my work is not only a powerful investigative tool, but also an effective support to address imbalances in the energy body.

My Low Tox Living UK online course is the result of many years research into the topic of environmental toxins and the part they play in health. For anyone truly wishing to build up health from the foundations, this is an important course for you.

I also offer Reiki treatments combined with Far Infrared therapy for a deeply relaxing experience.

Please note that I am unable to take on new clients at the moment.  Please check back in mid August 2024 when I should be able to book in new clients for September. I may not be able to respond to your enquiry until this time. 


Your Consultation

I usually see clients face to face from my clinic in Leamington Spa. I mainly use a combination of Nutritional Therapy and Bioresonance testing in every appointment. I may also incorporate Kinesiology muscle testing. I will test for food intolerance, nutrient deficiency and other underlying burdens that may be dysregulating the body.

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Metabolic Balance® Weight Management

Metabolic Balance® is an internationally renowned weight management programme. A detailed blood test leads to the generation of an individually tailored diet plan based around wholesome, healthy food. The diet will help to balance hormones, reduce inflammation, optimise blood sugar levels and reset metabolism.


Low Tox Living UK Online Course

The sheer number of environmental toxins that we are exposed to every day in our food, water, air, beauty products, furniture, cookware and cleaning products is staggering. I have created this course to educate without hype and to advise on UK specific easy swaps, better brands and practical ways to reduce this daily exposure.


Reiki and Far Infrared

Reiki is a deeply relaxing therapy, supportive of both emotional and physical health. I also use my Far Infrared Soma mat in my Reiki sessions. By lying on this as you receive the Reiki energy, you will also receive the added benefits of gentle warmth and Far Infrared light to deepen your experience.