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My name is Vicki Gotham. I am an experienced Nutritional Therapist, Kinesiology and Bioresonance Practitioner and Weight Management Coach.

My interest in natural health started in my 20’s when I realised the huge impact of diet and lifestyle on health. This seems obvious now, but at the time it was a revelation to me how much better I felt when I ate well. Maximising healthy, unrefined and nutrient dense foods in the daily diet is a foundation to any health programme. Removing problem foods (foods which cause an adverse immune or digestive reaction) is also so important.

In my 15+ years of clinical practice I have also learned that that factors such as gut microbial imbalance, chronic infections, exposure to toxins, poor sleep, nutrient deficiencies and emotional health are also important to consider for all health issues.

My approach in my practice is unique. I use a combination of nutritional therapy, Bioresonance and kinesiology with my clients to investigate the bigger picture behind their symptoms. Functional biochemical testing can also be invaluable for assessing specific issues. Using these modalities to guide me, the advice which I give to my clients is always individually tailored diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations.

Far Infrared therapy is another powerful tool for detoxing and reducing the stress response. It can be incorporated into client appointments or I offer it as a stand alone therapy.

And for anyone aiming to lose weight, especially stubborn weight which seems impossible to shift, the Metabolic Balance Weight Management Programme is a very effective all inclusive plan with regular consultations over 3-4 months.

I run monthly Low Tox Living workshops from my clinic in Leamington Spa. I believe there is an urgent need to reduce our daily exposure to the many chemicals and toxins which have such a damaging effect on our immune system, brain and hormones. My workshops are small group, fun, interactive and very comprehensive! You will go home armed with easy swaps, DIY recipes, alternative brands and lots of motivation to make immediate changes to benefit your health.

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