Welcome to my website!

My name is Vicki Gotham. I am an experienced Nutritional Therapist, Kinesiology Practitioner, Weight Management Coach and Emotional Aromatherapy Advisor.

I passionately believe that improving diet and lifestyle can have a positive impact on any health issue. Maximising healthy, unrefined and nutrient dense foods in the daily diet is the foundation to any health programme. Removing problem foods (foods which cause an adverse immune or digestive reaction) is also so important.

In my experience of over 10+ years in practice I also now know that factors such as emotional health, psychological stress, structural issues and toxicity (whether from external sources such as chemicals or environmental toxins or from internal sources such as microbial overgrowth) also play a huge role in health.

My approach to health is holistic. I use a unique combination of nutritional therapy and kinesiology with my clients to investigate the root causes of their health issues – this always leads to an individual strategy of diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations.

And for anyone seeking to lose weight, especially stubborn weight which seems impossible to shift, the Metabolic Balance Weight Management Programme is a very effective approach.

I am also an Educator and Wellness Advocate for doTerra Essential Oils. These are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils that I would not be without for myself and my family. Essential Oils are a powerful and versatile tool for supporting better health.  In order to educate and empower others to use Essential Oils I offer regular Introduction to Essential Oils classes.

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